Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Dyeathon

After a couple weeks of planning, Vberry and I finally got to have our Alice in Wonderland Dyeathon. We started our dyeathons last month during a Lord of the Rings marathon. It's a ton of fun - we both watch the same movie then spend the day texting dyeing ideas back and forth and issuing challenges to each other. I managed to dye up 6 skeins today - 5 based on the Tim Burton version and 1 inspired by the classic Disney. A few more Burtonish skeins are planned for tomorrow and I can't wait to see what Vberry has dyed up! The new colorways will hit the shop on Wednesday, March 2.

In other news, it snowed more again today. Nothing too exciting, but it was a good excuse to stay inside. Unfortunately this meant that I couldn't run out to pick up candy for my sample Schmutzerella Surprise box. On March 1 I will roll out the surprise boxes (March's theme is monkeys!), but I wanted to put a sample together so people would have some sort of idea as to what will be in the box. I ran with the Dr Seuss theme and the following is what I came up with...

This box includes a Cat in the Hat 11.5” square reversible project bag, Truffula Tree chainmaille stitch markers inspired by The Lorax, two 1” round pins featuring Horton Hears a Who and Green Eggs and Ham, Oobleck on BamBam (new fingering weight merino/bamboo blend) inspired by Bartholomew and the Oobleck, and a box of Swedish Fish for One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (not pictured). Since I put the box together anyway, I've decided to put this up for sale in the shop tomorrow. It'll be $37.50 including USPS priority mail. Lots of Seussy goodness :-D

In between all the dyeing awesomeness I managed to work a bit more on my Snarky mitts. All that's left on this one is the thumb and tacking down the hem. Only 2 days left to this term of Nerd Wars - keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll be able to finish them in time to bring points and glory to Team Tardis!


    Love, Moose.

  2. If I keep my fingers crossed, I will not be able to knit!
    This mittens is wonderful (and a good advertisement for you yarn). You can finish in time, the secret is to not begin another project before.