Monday, March 14, 2011

Time to focus and simplify... yeah, right

I love dyeing yarn. Playing with color and fiber makes me happy. Normally this would be a good thing, but dyeing seems to be taking over my life. I'm having great fun coming up with new colorways and working on the sock club, but my knitting has totally taken a back seat to the crock pot. This morning vberry was telling me about her knitting plan over the next few weeks so she can do what she needed to get done. I was inspired to come up with a list of my own:

1) Only work on my Bannakaffalatta Baana at lunch or if I’m positively brain dead after work but still want to knit
2) Finish clue 1 of Louise
3) Knit the damn Bella Mittens I’ve officially avoided for 3ish months and complete them just in time for winter to be over
4) Throw this plan out the window when shiny new yarn comes into my life and I have to start knitting something awesome and wonderful with it NOW
5) Pout when I realize that by throwing the plan out the window I haven’t completed anything that I wanted to, but at least I have something shiny and new
6) Go back to the plan
7) Finish my 2 pairs of fingerless mitts that are lonely and looking for their non-existent mates

Vberry lovingly replied with "Wow, those 2 pairs of fingerless mitts are so never getting done…"

She was totally right ...sigh...

I don't want to keep neglecting my knitting. One day I want those mitts to have mates. I didn't even mention the stuff I want to make for my BFF and the baby she's expecting. The baby's due in June. Eep! Anyway, here's the realistic plan. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time (for the record, I've always been somewhat creeped out by that saying), right? Maybe if I put these baby steps on the blog for all the world to see then I might actually do something about it. Whaddya think?

Here are my bite-sized knitting goals:

1) Only work on the Bannakaffalatta Baana at lunch and when I need brainless knitting
Yarn: Wicked on Shimma from Nerd Girl Yarns Random Fandom club
Stitch markers by Schmutzerella Yarns

2) Finish clue one of Louise (In Dreams KAL) by bedtime on Friday. I only have 8 rows left on it and no beading is involved so this should be totally doable.
Yarn: Ice Ice Baby on Awesomesauce from Schmutzerella Yarns
Stitch markers by Beadmarkers (I exclusively use hers for lace projects)

Wish me luck! We'll talk about crocheting and dyeing goals another day ;-)

Oh, and just because they need some love - here are the single mitts that long for mates

Snarky Reading Mitts
Pattern: Susie's Reading Mitts
Yarn: Snarky on Epic by Schmutzerella Yarns

Tilting Tardis Mitts
Yarn: Tardis on Sweet! by Schmutzerella Yarns